Niishii is for fashion lovers.

Niishii is a global retail marketplace for luxury fashion, connecting brands with retailers and customer around the world.Empowering a women to feel gorgeous and confident is our soul motto. Niishii has an unrivalled range of products from the world’s most exclusive designers  around the world. Niishii platform is designed as a single operating system to connect the luxury fashion ecosystem worldwide. Along with access to some of the world’s most luxurious brands, Niishii also provides inspiration, unique content and other services to help customers navigate the breadth of products available.By promoting your brand to a huge audience, selling through Niishii is an easy way to help you grow your luxury brand. And with consumers around the world, it’s a great way to help you improve your brand’s awareness.

We also run an apparel store of high-end fashion. Dealing with high end fashion is another business category that makes us also exists. We believe that fashion empowers an individual by giving him/her a unique sense of look. That is why we usually thrive on being a global technology platform that provides luxury fashion by bringing together consumers, creators, and curators. Our modular luxurious and end to end online platform was created with the purpose of connecting the luxury fashion ecosystem to the world. Our platform focuses on creating an end to end fashion operating system that is inclined in addressing the complex demands of consumers in the luxury fashion segment. Our approach to fashion is fresh in the fashion design industry.

We are a truly global luxury digital marketplace where lovers of high-end fashion can shop for an unrivaled range of incredible products from the best brands. What do we offer? Well, we do deal with both heritage brands and emerging designer products in the following categories; Womenswear, Kids Wear, Fine watches, Fine Jewellery, Vintage. All of the products that we do deal with can be shipped to over 200 countries around the world. Our wide range of services to our consumers when shopping on our platform is a confirmation that our consumers do get a great experience when shopping. To help our customers navigate through the breadth product on our platform, we have made the content unique and inspirational.

Our goal as a company is to create tomorrow’s heritage in the high-end fashion world. To achieve this, we are reinventing the latest approach in the fashion industry. We are working towards redefining luxury in this 21st Century to be the world’s most desirable fashion houses. We are the pinnacle of the fashion and fragrance industry with unsurpassed quality products. We do pay attention to small details in terms of the brands of products that we do store on the online platform.

We are also a Content platform, which provides you with a lot of content on the fashion industry. Our mission is to provide you with the latest tips on how you should wear. For us to achieve this, we are championing the best ideas on the style that are inclusive, exclusive, and attainable to all. Our content has a friendly tone and has an approachable voice. We also feature editorial coverage that includes exclusive interviews and photo shoots. This is an affirmation that you will get exposed to the top industry experts with the best products and seasonal trend reports. Well, when you think of the most fashion-forward friend. We work hard in making style and fashion accessible to everyone. With our collections, you can get the best. Well, all said and done, you are at the right place, welcome to the home of high-end fashion.